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"Small Groups" (more commonly known as Auxiliaries) are intentional and regular, clustered gatherings of UBC for the purpose of joining God's mission.


 Small groups promote the use of programming to create pathways for community to happen.


They also assist in the administrative, liturgical, and daily operational functions of UBC and the broader AME Zion Church family.


Many of the efforts to raise funds is often directed toward family-friendly Christian programming for the UBC children as well as those within the surrounding community.

Upon the suggestion of our sister church Columbus Chapel AME Zion Church (Davidson, NC), an appeal that we frequent is the request for pocket change during Sunday Morning worship service.

The children of UBC eagerly collect coins from those in attendance. Then they excitedly race to the alter to drop the monies in a large 22-inch, clear Coca Cola Bottle piggy bank.  



The heart of UBC is to give (i.e. time and talents as well as funds)  to the less fortunate. In particular, there are three main groups of focus: those without homes, those that are sick and shut-in, and the elderly population within nursing homes.  

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